Revelations from gene sequencing
Fall 2017

Revelations from gene sequencing

Winter 2017


Public trust and the future of precision medicine

Winter 2017

By Allison Wilson

Using smartphone technology to improve genetic services and reduce birth defects in Ethiopia

Learning from Medicine’s Complex Past
Fall 2016

By Alexandra Minna Stern, Ph.D.

Reflecting on early 20th century eugenic sterilization practices in California

DNA strand
April 2016

By Kara Gavin

One whole endogenous retrovirus genome — and bits of 17 others — was spotted in a study of 2,500 human genomes.

model of mouse brain tumor
March 2016

Kara Gavin

Children with brain cancer may soon get some help from mice with the same disease, thanks to new research from U-M Medical School scientists and their colleagues.

Taking out the Trash
February 2016

By Kara Gavin

Rare find in two Turkish children leads to discovery about autophagy.

Sundeep Kalantry, Ph.D.
February 2016

By Kara Gavin

Decoding Cancer
Fall-Winter 2015

By Lily Raff McCaulou
Photos by Noah Stephens

The new precision medicine program at the U-M uses patients’ DNA and RNA to match them with personalized treatments.