Medicine at Michigan Spring 2007

Spring 2007

VOL. 9


Counting Sheep and the Study of Sleep, from A to Z

America is fighting a war it can’t win against an implacable force — the...

Counting Sheep and the Study of Sleep, from A to Z

Team Flu Answers the Call

To learn from history, and avoid a repeat, government turns to the U-M

The Princeton Student Naval Training Corps in 1918. Princeton was one of the sites studied by Team Flu.

The Rhythm of Life

Maintaining Balance in the Body Rhythms is Key to Good Health

The Rhythm of Life


Above the Huron

News and research from the Medical School

Diane Simeone and Mark Prince

All in the Family

50 Members of this extended family have Michigan degrees — or will soon.

Illustration: Kathy Moody

Alumnus Jim Hays Helps Students See the Possibilities

Just as ophthalmologist Jim Hays (M.D. 1977) affects patients’ lives by...

Jim Hays visits with Adam Possner on the steps of Hill Auditorium at commencement in June 2006. The James C. Hays, M.D., Scholarship helped support Possner, who graduated first in his class, through his four years of medical study.

Class Notes

Updates on Medical School alumni

Marilyn and Carl Hug

From the Dean

Rhythm, as both concept and process, is vital to the functioning and...

James O. Woolliscroft

In the Limelight

Highlights for U-M Medical School alumni and faculty

Margaret and Jeffrey Punch with Claire and Jeremiah Turcotte


Readers letters to the editor

Looking Back

Highs and Lows of a Decade as Dean

Portrait of Hugh Cabot by artist Kevin Gordon

Message from the Executive Vice President for Medical Affairs

The work of Team Flu — our masterful historians at the U-M Center for the...

Robert P. Kelch


“Being part of the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender community is...

Andrea Knittel

The Michigan Difference

Gifts in support of medicine at Michigan

Janette Ferrantino (second from right) and her children (from left) Angela Williams, Janelle Williams, Sean Williams and Elise Williams