Fall 2017
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Emilee Coulter-Thompson, department strategist in the Department of Learning Health Sciences, co-wrote “Emerging Models to Prepare the Workforce for Health System Change,” a chapter in Health Reform Policy to Practice: Oregon’s Path to a Sustainable Health System (Elsevier, 2017).

Michael Hortsch, Ph.D., professor of cell and developmental biology and of learning health sciences, released an addition to the SecondLook mobile app suite, Basic Radiology. Additional contributors include Katherine Klein, M.D. (Fellowship 2000), associate professor of radiology; Michael DiPietro, M.D., the John F. Holt Collegiate Professor of Radiology and professor emeritus of pediatrics and communicable diseases; Michael Cline, M.D., a resident in the Department of Radiology; and seven former medical students. Hortsch, along with three current medical students, also co-wrote “Climbing Bloom’s Taxonomy Pyramid: Lessons from a Graduate Histology Course,” published in the September/October 2017 issue of Anatomical Sciences Education.

Jane E. Huggins (Ph.D. 1997), associate research scientist of physical medicine and rehabilitation and of biomedical engineering, co-wrote “Enhancing P300-BCI Performance Using Latency Estimation BCI,” published in volume 4, issue 3 of Brain-Computer Interfaces, 2017.