Letter from the Editor


Letter from the Editor

Fall-Winter 2015
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Dear Readers,

Welcome to the fall-winter 2015 issue of Medicine at Michigan. With this issue, we are introducing a new look and layout as we continue to tell the story of medicine at the University of Michigan. The magazine, first launched in 1999, has been redesigned to give you more information in a more visually engaging way.

This begins with the cover and table of contents, designed to provide an informative, eye-catching preview of each issue. Our goal is to make the magazine easier to navigate.

As you page through this issue, you’ll notice entirely new sections. Near the front of the magazine is Forum, a space where U-M experts will discuss important and thought-provoking topics in medicine. I hope you’ll engage with this conversation on our new website, or by reaching out to our editorial staff. Another new section, Gray Matters, appears at the back of the magazine and gives our faculty members room to write about complex issues in medicine, such as ethics and decision-making.

The News & Research section, formerly Inside Scope, has changed more than perhaps any other section in the magazine. There are more graphics than before, as well as in-depth stories devoted to important work at Michigan. Here, you can read regular updates on medical faculty and students working globally, physician-scientists collaborating across campus and the Medical School’s new curriculum.

Please take some time to get familiar with the new look, and the new sections. Our editorial team continues to investigate adding new content through our redesigned website — medicineatmichigan.org — and via soon-to-launch e-newsletters. In combination with the redesigned magazine, these efforts will give you more information about Michigan.

Patrick Cliff
Editor, Medicine at Michigan