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Winter 2020
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September 12 

Hospital dog Anna helps Kate Balzer, program manager for the Office of Patient Experience, spread awareness about a Michigan Medicine butterfly program. “Michigan Medicine works with volunteer master gardeners to raise and release butterflies in the UH and Mott Courtyards … to bring respite and distraction to patients who spend long hours and days in the hospital. … “ 


C.S. Mott Children’s Hospital 

September 16

A Mott patient’s mom recounts her child’s cancer journey: “Vara has had over 180 doses of chemo and radiation … Vara is now almost 2 years post-treatment and she continues to be scanned every 3 months. She resides in Ann Arbor with me, her single mom, (who) works full-time. Without the support of Mott, we would have been so lost.” 


C.S. Mott Children’s Hospital 

September 26

#LittleVictors and their families enjoyed a fun day at Amazon … where they built robots, received super cool gifts and got a tour of the 855,000-square-foot complex! Thank you, @Amazon for the special experience and generous $30,000 donation … 


A Horse, of Course

“Of course you can bring a horse to the hospital!” said University Hospital staff in answer to Rebecca Billiel’s mom. Near the end of a weeks-long hospital stay, 26-year-old cystic fibrosis patient Rebecca (pictured here with therapy horse Madira) told an old family friend and horse trainer that “it would be a real dream to have the horse visit the hospital. I was only joking!” she insisted. But sometimes (joke) dreams do come true. 

Source: Michigan Medicine News