Lab of Opportunity
Fall 2018


Putting students on the path to become biologists

Bridging medicine and law
Summer 2017

By Katie Vloet

Bridging medicine and law

Innovation Hub awards funding to 11 project teams across Michigan
February 2017

By Kara Gavin

Winter 2017

By Allison Wilson, with Additional reporting by William Foreman

A U-M partnership to improve ENT care in Ghana

Medicine at Michigan - Into the Fold
Winter 2017

By Jenny Blair and Emily Martin

An interdisciplinary investigation of misfolding proteins and their role in several diseases

Let's Talk About the Pelvic Floor
Winter 2017

By Sara Talpos

U-M’s work to reduce stigma and improve care of pelvic floor disorders

The All India Institute of Medical
Fall 2016

By Allison Wilson

U-M partnership in India drives new research in trauma

Connecting the dots
Spring 2016

By Allison Wilson

U-M experts tackle complexities of multi-chronic conditions

Spring 2016

By Lauren Crawford

Is histotripsy the next wave of noninvasive surgery?