Lyubica Dabich, M.D.

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Lyubica Dabich, M.D.

Winter 2022
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Lyubica Dabich, M.D (Residency 1963), associate professor emeritus of internal medicine, died October 24, 2021, at the age of 92. Born in Detroit, Dabich obtained her B.S. degree at U-M in 1950 and her M.S. degree at the University of Wisconsin in 1951. After working at Parke Davis Research Laboratory in Detroit, she went to McGill University Medical School in Montreal.

She was an Elsa U. Pardee Fellow in Hematology at the Simpson Memorial Institute from 1964-1965 and a research associate from 1965-1966 before joining the Medical School faculty as an instructor in 1966. Her career was dedicated to the diagnosis and treatment of adult patients with leukemia and lymphoma, and she worked at U-M until her retirement in 1994.

She was involved with the Southwest Oncology Group as a principal investigator on many studies. She also worked on studies of progressive systemic sclerosis, contributing to knowledge of the natural history, pathophysiology, and treatment of this disorder.


This obituary is based on one published by the Ann Arbor News.